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Larwood School

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What Pupils & Parents Think About Us


‘Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the team at Larwood. you have made such a difference in all our lives’

Parent 2018

‘Really cannot thank you all enough especially Miss Gwynne & Miss Trott for helping XXX to grow & thrive at school. You are all wonderful and I'm going to be an emotional wreck when he leaves! ’

Parent 2018

‘Sports day was fab once again such a lovely family feel and everyone treated as equals. The encouragement to keep trying is fantastic. Teaching at its best! ’

Parent 2018


‘I can thank you enough for not giving up on me when the rest of the world did! Thank you for helping me stay focussed and keeping me on the right path… I really enjoyed my time at Larwood School, in Year 6.’

Parent 2017

‘Myself and my family can not thank you all enough for the love, care and support you have given (Child's name) since starting at Larwood. Thank you!’

Parent 2016

‘(Child's name) has had a wonderful time at Larwood and he has loved going to school there’.

Year 6 parent 2016

It’s like I’ve been on a treadmill and now I’m ready for the Olympics-Year 6 pupil comment reflecting on their time at Larwood-2016

In response to the question-‘What’s working well?’
Answer-I have the company of amazing adults, fabulous friends and it’s been extremely enjoyable.’

Thank you so much for your commitment, care and passion in all that you do at Larwood

Parent 2016

It has been fantastic to see (Child's name) settle and become so enthusiastic about school and learning (mostly!

Year 6 Parent 2016

Thank you for looking after me and teaching me

Year 5 pupil-2015

It’s like having a different child

Parent of Year 5 child-2015

Whilst we were playing at 360 Play, your pupils arrived and I must say they were having great fun. One young boy  took my little one under his wing, much to my relief ! I have to say what a lovely little boy, he was charming and very polite. After talking to another boy (from Essex) I soon realised that the children came from a very special school. I went to chat to the teachers and discovered they were all special needs boys and girls.
I just had to email you to say what a pleasure it was to meet the children. It's a really shame that there is not enough schools like yours.

Member of the public comments whilst at 360 play centre on a Friday afternoon-April 2015

The star with the coordinates RA: 11h22m49.6s DEC: +43 28m58.0s was named LARWOOD on 10/07/2014, with the following comment:
After all that you’ve done for (PUPIL NAME) and for restoring our faith in the education system, flowers/chocolates didn’t seem enough to thank you

Year 6 parent 2014

To the staff at Larwood-A big thank you to everyone who has helped (PUPIL NAME) through this past year. May he continue to improve!

Year 6 parent 2014

To all the staff at Larwood-thank you for all you’ve done for (PUPIL NAME) We’ve really seen the difference at home and school and you have all done a great job!

Year 6 parent 2014

To everyone at Larwood School. Thank you so much for everything over the last year. You’ve all helped (PUPIL NAME) so much and shown him that school can be fun!

Year 6 parent 2013

Thank you so much for helping us to get (PUPIL NAME) needs met and giving us your time in helping us during a very difficult time. We are truly grateful.

Year 6 parent 2014

To all at Larwood-thank you for all of your help and patience with me over the year. I will miss you all!

Year 6 pupil-2014

(PUPIL NAME) has for the first time in his school history has been motivated to learn.

Year 5 parent-2013

Following (PUPIL NAME) annual review, we are pleased with the progress that he has made since starting at Larwood, due to the small classes and well structured environment.

Year 5 parent annual review 2013