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Larwood School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Services on Offer

We currently offer 3 main types of support for mainstream schools

  • Pupil Focused Support: Support and advice directed at a specific pupil.
  • In-reach: An opportunity for mainstream staff to spend time at Larwood.
  • Training courses: Events run by the Outreach Team at Larwood School.

Pupil focused support

  • Supporting the development of effective behaviour management strategies.
  • Guidance for creation, implementation and review of behaviour support plans.
  • Creating, and supporting staff to create, resources to support learning.
  • Strategies to assist with inclusion.
  • Advice on differentiation and curriculum development.
  • Facilitate discussion with parents and other professionals for additional support.
  • Discussion to generate, implement and review ideas and strategies.


Visits to Larwood school to:

  • Observe general practice or specific strategies.
  • Share ideas and resources.
  • Undertake Larwood in-reach training courses.