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Larwood School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

School Development Plan


Larwood Academy Trust's vision is to be the best provider of outstanding provision for special needs pupils in the country.

During the next three years, our aim is to establish an all through (11-16 and then in time 11-18 formal pathway) educational pathway for SEMH children in the North Hertfordshire area. Such provision will be characterised by quality experiences, creative, engaging and personalised curriculum provision that is different to previous failed placements, and a range of supportive systems and processes that are qualified as exceptional and innovative. In short, the best provision possible and with a national reputation for such quality and outcomes.

During the course of the year our day-to-day provision will comprise:

  • Larwood School day provision for 90 SEMH pupils (many with additional needs) - Primary and based in Stevenage.
  • Larwood School Space Hub for 16 pupils. A specific hub within Larwood school that caters for SEMH pupils with autism. Primary and based in Stevenage.
  • Brandles School day provision for up to 60 pupils (rising to 70 in due course) with SEMH and a range of additional needs. Secondary and are based in Baldock.
  • Outreach services for social, emotional and mental health related support for 25 mainstream primary schools within Stevenage.
  • On Larwood Site-counselling provision supplied to school and the wider community via The Butterfly Rooms.


We aim for every child to experience an outstanding education whilst at Larwood Academy Trust ensuring that they make progress in every area of their development. We will achieve this by:

  • By providing a dynamic and flexible curriculum that meets needs and develops alongside the children.
  • Ensuring that every child has a strong and respectful relationship with the adults that work with them.
  • Providing a safe and secure environment which allows children to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves. All members of The Larwood Academy Trust community are valued.
  • By challenging children to succeed in all areas of school life, ensuring that pupils understand that we all make mistakes and that success comes in many forms. This may include improved behaviour, subject progression, and could be related to relationships and trust.
  • By employing and developing high quality staff that are dynamic, flexible, creative and determined to meet the needs of pupils in all situations and at all stages of development
  • By working with other parties to ensure we get the very best out of the children in our community and beyond. This includes parents, other professionals such as the Educational Psychologist, Attendance Officer, School Nurse, SEN Officers and Speech and Language specialists.
  • We model the fact that we never stop learning and engender a love of learning for all, as this is vital for our children and us in the ever-changing society that we live in.

Strategic Development Priorities

The Trusts three key drivers are:

    Ensuring that the vast majority of our learners make outstanding progress when compared to starting points and context. Progress will take into account a range of measures which may include academic levels/results, behavioural improvements, engagement, attendance, social interaction, mental health and family related measures.
    All members of our community will have access to support and advice, when they need it. Our provision makes an incredible difference and is monitored, tracked and evaluated. For many it is life changing!
    Growth and expansion bring challenges that we must plan for, deliver and adapt as events unfold. Evolution is an essential feature of pour leadership strategy so that we met the needs of our pupils today but also in the future.
    The key component to our success is our staff. We want the best to be able to deliver the best experience! There is a need to developing support, challenge and an adaptable mindset for change.
    In order that our pupils may have successful lives in the locality or further afield, they need the knowledge skills, motivation, resilience, independence and adaptability for current and future situations. Our annual 'refresh and re-think' process related to all aspects of school life including the curriculum, will allow our Trust to be at the forefront of best practice in the country

September 2020 TO August 2021