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Larwood School

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NEWSLETTER - From Mr Trimble 29.01.21

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that your week has gone as well as possible in the circumstances. I noted the fact this week, with the onset of some snow, that ‘snow days,’ (when the school is physically closed due to transport concerns) no longer need to equate to no learning days! I am sure that pupils will not be happy to hear this! With the incredible work that staff have done in developing online learning due to the pandemic, we can now provide this if such days are experienced in the future. However, it would be your choice entirely if you wanted to access the learning on that day or stick to having some fun in the snow.

Updates: 

  • Please note that staff testing kits for Covid 19, were delivered at Larwood this week. The Lateral Flow kits have been shared with staff as the week has progressed and all staff that are in school are using the tests. This does mean that we now know that on any given day, staff have all tested negative for Covid. Staff are using the tests twice per week, as per guidance and although there are chances of inaccuracy, we are in better place than we were, without any such testing. 
  • If you are starting to experience some difficulties with any aspect of the proposed learning sent by teaching staff, please talk to them. We know this may happen and we fully appreciate that some adjustments and changes may be needed. 
  • You may have seen or heard the Prime Ministers update on Wednesday with a provisional date of Monday 8th March for some pupils to return to school. It is yet to be confirmed and he did make it clear that data connected to infection, death and hospital admissions, would be used to assess if this was possible. I am currently hoping that we can start to make changes after the full week back after half term. This may be slightly ahead of the time scale indicated by government. I will continue to review the local situation with regards to level of the virus until then. 
  • Additional support. As we have said from the start of the current situation, please communicate with us if you feel you need this. It may be that in the current climate, a call and chat with one of our staff may be really helpful for many reasons. 
  • Laptops and technology. As far as we are aware, all of our pupils have access to a device. We have taken it upon ourselves to not wait for the government roll out of this program and use the ones that we have at school. Please note that I recently communicated that additional kit is available for Wi-Fi access, plus if you are using a phone, there is support to extend data allowances. If you need this, please get in contact.

That brings you up to date for the week. It is incredible how so many pupils are coping so well, with your support. This is a truly challenging situation for us all, and as a staff we discussed our own wellbeing this week, and what we can do to help ourselves during our training session. I think it is fair to say we are feeling the effects of the current situation in many different ways. We have experienced ‘ups and downs’ with such a roller coaster of challenges, but we must hang onto the fact that we are heading in the right direction. As always though, we, as a community are there to support each other when needed.

Yours sincerely

S D Trimble
Executive Headteacher