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Larwood School

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Masks on, Masks off, lets get on with this term!

The weeks are flying by and it is so much better having our pupils on site.

A strange consequence of the pandemic is that we do not have any pupils taking SAT’s, as they would have done up until the summer of 2019. This is the same for all primary aged children across the country. They didn’t happen last year, and they are not taking part this year either. We have reflected upon this, the process, the results and how useful they are for all involved. We have ended up drawing a fairly certain conclusion that they are not missed! They also do not give our pupils the chance to show how well they have done in other areas, such as key skills included in personal and social development. Therefore, next year, we will design our own tests that will continue to review key skills such as reading and maths, alongside others. We will plan for how best to deliver these and our teaching staff will be heavily involved in the process, with our pupils.

At the time of writing, I am awaiting further updates in relation to Covid 19 rules. These should become ‘live’ from May 17th and as always we will consider each recommendation carefully. The vast majority of staff have now had their second vaccination and we long for the time when we get be rid of face masks! That may take a bit longer, but it does look very positive.

Thank you all for your continued support.