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Larwood School

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Community! It Matters!

Christmas is coming!

I think we are all looking forward to the holiday period this year, for some of the usual reasons (long term, being tired, the fact that we love Xmas etc) but also due to the extraordinary months we have had since March. However tough and challenging it has been, some things never change. Your children have coped brilliantly with all of the change, the worry and need to be careful on a day to day basis. They still bring huge smiles to our faces and so many of them have made great progress in different ways.

Another aspect of life that stays the same os the amazing human spirit within our community. Our Toy Drive organised by Mrs Osobu and closely supported by Mrs Ford has generated some outstanding returns. I have written directly to those local companies that have supported us but would also like to thank them here:

Kenny Arnold - People for People
Sara Lawrence - Ad Bly Construction
Rachel - Tesco Community Champion
Michelle - Food/Toy Shed
Laura Burrage - The Butterfly Room
Numerous staff at Larwood School who have also very kindly donated

During a period of time that could easily be seen as very dark, you have all shone a bright light that personifies the human spirit of kindness and community. My thanks to you all.

Have a wonderful and restful Christmas break. Please ensure you read the letter published Friday 11th Dec re Covid tracing during the holiday period up until Dec 22nd.

Please find the Friday newsletter 11th December; attached below.