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Larwood School

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BLOG #7 

Imagine the scene when all of the staff at Larwood School had to suddenly take a quick English and Maths test as part of an application process during a training session. This did actually happen and it was to enable staff to access and complete the Level 2 Certificate of Awareness of Mental Health Problems. So that pupils could see that we feel very similar to them when doing tests, all staff were asked to tick either a happy, O.K or sad face about how they felt when they had to do the tests. Unsurprisingly most ticks went into the sad face area, some in the OK and just one in the happy face area! The point that has been emphasised to pupils in assembly this week is that there are tests that we all have to complete in life. Most of us do not enjoy them however, we are all bound together by trying our best when we do have to complete a test. Pupils have been reminded this week to do their best and if they do, we will be very proud of them for doing just that.

Please note that a range of supportive measures have also been in place for this week and next week to help our pupils prepare for SAT’s.