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Mr Trimble's Blog

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  • Phew! We're back!

    Published 11/09/20, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #1

    Welcome back! It has been such a joy to see so many smiling faces coming back through our doors over the last few days. It’s great to be back and to be returning to some form of ‘normality.’ No matter what, the start of the academic year is exciting and we are planning lots of great activities/learning opportunities for our pupils.

    Please note that all of the staff and I, are very grateful for your kind words and gifts at the end of last term. Many of your comments help to remind us about our mission at school and that is to support our pupils ‘achieve, believe, expect and enjoy’ their time with us.

    Clearly we cannot forget that we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. I have shared the measures that we have taken with you, and will continue to do so, over time. It’s still hard to work in this way. We all want to return back to how we were, but we cannot do that without creating further risk to health and well-being. Therefore, we have to continue to have different protocols for entry/exit for pupils, lunchtimes, curriculum provision, movement around the school and the way that we interact with parents (Teams meetings/calls etc. rather than physically based meetings). All of these measures are designed to keep children, staff and families as safe and healthy as we can. It will be interesting to see what happens with infection rates during the next few weeks/months.

    Although I have no doubt this will be another unusual year, please be assured that we will do all that we can to make it as enjoyable and progressive for your children, as we can. We remain guarded but optimistic and I look forward to seeing your children make the amazing leaps of improvement that they usually do, as the year takes place.

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  • First Do No Harm

    Published 07/05/20, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #5 Covid 19

    Please see the weekly letters sent to all parents and carers in relation to this. We continue to adopt a ‘first do no harm’ approach to this crisis and are open for Key Worker pupils and those classed as very vulnerable only. Frequent weekly communication is taking place with you all, to check in and see if there is any other support that we may be able to help with, where appropriate.

    Please also see our Larwood School YouTube Channel for lots of activities. This is updated daily.

    Stay safe out there, keep your distance and wash hands regularly.

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  • Everyone loves a bullet point!

    Published 25/02/20, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #4

    Did you know that at Larwood School:

    • Our pupils follow the Chris Quiqley Essentials curriculum and you can find out more about this by clicking on The Curriculum section on the website
    • We have Buddy (I think everyone knows Buddy!) our day-to-day therapy dog as well as Frank. Frank spends one afternoon per week with us and works specifically with one pupil at a time. He features on our front page of the website
    • Our pupils are out in the community every week! Usually litter picking or at Jubilee Court with the elderly residents. They also go on a variety of trips and visits throughout the term
    • During the last few years, we have had one pupil achieve the maximum score in in a SATs test possible for reading and mathematics?
    • That Mr V is running a holiday club?
    • That Brandles School officially joined Larwood Academy Trust on Feb 1st?

    We always have lots of exciting projects and activities taking place and if you ever want more information about any of these, please do see our website or just call us.

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  • I'm possible!

    Published 21/01/20, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #3

    Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope that you had a great time during the festive break. 

    On behalf of all staff, I would like to pass on thanks to all parents that sent in gifts of appreciation to staff at the end of term. It was very much appreciated by all concerned.

    We have started the year considering the word ‘impossible.’ The first assembly back reflected on the many things we now have, or do, that are taken for granted but were once thought impossible. Staff shared with pupils their own historic ‘impossibles.’ We also discussed some challenges that we all have in our future that may seem very daunting or impossible. The main message of the start of this new term is that anything is possible! Hard work, reflection and support where needed, means that whatever goal or challenge we each may set for ourselves, we can do it!

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  • #2 DECEMBER 2019 - Ofsted: The RESULTS!.....

    Published 09/12/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #2

    The Ofsted report is live on the Ofsted website: This link will take you to the Larwood Academy Ofsted page, which includes the Academy conversion letter published on November, 10th 2016. The Larwood School Ofsted page, now reads as CLOSED.

    You should have received your own personal copy of this via email. If you haven’t, and you would like a paper copy; then please do let us know.

    I am very pleased and proud to report that the inspection led by Fyfe Johnston identified the tremendous work that staff undertake with our pupils and the amazing progress that they make with us. As always, your support is essential with this process, alongside the challenge and support of the governing body.

    However, we have no time to ‘sit on our laurels’ and therefore we are continuing with our development plans to make our school truly outstanding in every way.


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  • #1 September 2019 - Welcome Back!

    Published 05/09/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #1

    Welcome back. It’s the start of a new academic year and a chance to be successful in lots of different ways. This has formed the basis of my first assembly back, where we discussed what success is and what it may look like. I was shocked that nobody recognised Jayden Ashman as part of this assembly, bearing in mind how popular Fortnite is, and that he had recently won £1.8 million in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Please note I am not a player or fan of the game but came across this in the news! Our definition of success was not rooted in fame or fortune. It was firmly grounded in making a small change in the right direction, which can then lead to another and another etc. With this type of attitude, you can quickly become a great reader, artist, mathematician or be great in a sport of your choice.

    As it is the start of the year please I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that just as in previous years, we do not expect you to take pupils on holidays (unless truly exceptional circumstances and agreed with us). This is detrimental for your son/daughters learning you do have the extended October break where better value holidays can be sourced. In similar fashion to last year, Mr Van and I will be personally seeing any parent that takes this course of action.

    Thanks you for your support with this matter. 

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  • #8 Goodbye Year 6 & Good luck!

    Published 15/07/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #8

    What an amazing group of very special young people we have at Larwood. I am so proud of our pupils and staff for the way they work together to overcome barriers and achieve so much together. As we approach end of the term, there are so many examples of this including; the way pupils are working towards a performance of Aladdin; taking part in a three day PGL trip; some amazing pieces of work (showed off in celebration assembly on Monday 8th July); Sports Day, and making art work that is being used by Stevenage Council and praised by the Mayor!

    Our place of work is challenging in many ways but it is also a place where we get to see your sons and daughters make significant change, when compared to where they were before we met them. This is a privilege!

    Thank you all for your continued support and the blog will return next academic year.

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  • #7MAY 2019 TESTS FOR ALL!

    Published 21/06/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #7 

    Imagine the scene when all of the staff at Larwood School had to suddenly take a quick English and Maths test as part of an application process during a training session. This did actually happen and it was to enable staff to access and complete the Level 2 Certificate of Awareness of Mental Health Problems. So that pupils could see that we feel very similar to them when doing tests, all staff were asked to tick either a happy, O.K or sad face about how they felt when they had to do the tests. Unsurprisingly most ticks went into the sad face area, some in the OK and just one in the happy face area! The point that has been emphasised to pupils in assembly this week is that there are tests that we all have to complete in life. Most of us do not enjoy them however, we are all bound together by trying our best when we do have to complete a test. Pupils have been reminded this week to do their best and if they do, we will be very proud of them for doing just that.

    Please note that a range of supportive measures have also been in place for this week and next week to help our pupils prepare for SAT’s.

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  • #6 MARCH 2019 - ZOOOOM!

    Published 28/03/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #6 This month is passing by very quickly but not so quickly that I cannot mention some fantastic events at Larwood!

    We had a wonderful day when pupils and staff dressed up to celebrate World Book day, and during the same week we had our traditional Pancake assembly and inter-house pancake races. This is always a fun event and many thanks to Mrs Osborne for organising this.

    We also held a non-uniform event for Red Nose Day and again, staff and pupils supported this event in a really positive way.

    Supporting the curriculum, Miss Trott organised an amazing afternoon/evening trip into London for Year 6 pupils who went to see Aladdin. This is their theme for Music, Art and Performance Skills (MAPS) this year, so the level of inspiration was certainly high!

    There are also some fantastic finishes for curriculum about to happen in the next few weeks. This includes a trip back into London, to see visit The London Eye as well as a trip for younger pupils to Gullivers Land. Finally, we have the end of term reward trips to look forward to as well!

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  • #5 FEBRUARY 2019 - Quick Update!

    Published 04/02/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #5 January was busy and packed full of fun things, and February looks the same!  

    A cold and snowy day arrived on Friday! It is always a very difficult decision to close the school on such a day, but I do hope that all concerned appreciate that for many pupils, long taxi journeys on a variety of roads may lead to all sorts of issues. It is safety for all concerned that is the moist important aspect of such a decision.

    As always there continues to be lots of activity here! The new Chris Quigley curriculum, is being used by staff and pupils and is being developed fantastically! You can find out more about by using this link:

    Chris Quigley

    There is also lots of information on our website here:

    Larwood School: Curriculum 

    If you would like to ask any questions about this, please do contact us and we will be happy to obliged.

    During the last few weeks, we have seen some of our KS2 pupils take part in mini Olympics, Year 6 pupils visit London and see how the Police and their horses work and are cared for, a visit for younger pupils to Tring museum and a ‘rapid fire’ sporting event. We like to keep busy!

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  • #4 JANUARY 2019 - Happy New Year!

    Published 14/01/19, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #4 Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all!

    Pupils were welcomed back to school on the 7th January, with an assembly all about resolutions. It was impressed upon pupils that it’s ok to create such resolutions, but you can set yourself challenges and targets at any time of year. Most resolutions fail due to them being so big and difficult and if a setback is experienced, people may give up. Examples were provided whereby setbacks were experienced and yet the people concerned kept going. This included Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan. Therefore, the start of 2019 is all about setting ourselves big challenges, but not giving up and being prepared to fail, until we do get it right. Support and guidance from adults at school and at home are key to help pupils get it right.

    All the very best for 2019.

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  • #3 NOVEMBER 2018 - OUTSTANDING School Governor Awards 2018 - We WON! Congratulations Mrs Barr!

    Published 06/12/18, by Nic Newman

    BLOG #3 This week started with a surprise announcement and moved onto a planned change.

    Please see our release on the website with information about Sandra Barr winning the Governor of The Year Award, from Herts4Learning. This was fantastic news and was announced at the Hertfordshire Governors conference on Saturday. Sandra has and continue to be a key part of our schools development and always ensures that the very best quality of teaching, learning and development is being provided for our pupils.

    Following confirmation that our residential unit is now closed, we have moved swiftly to change the space that was the residential area, to enable more pupils to join our school. Staffed by Mrs Williams, Mrs McKeever and Mrs Otero, The Space Hub, officially took off on Thursday 22nd November. To start with, it has been populated with five of our current pupils. Other new pupils will join the Hub in due course. This is a new area for our school and it will be an area, whereby pupils with autism will be taught in a different way to the rest of the school. This does not mean that every pupil with autism has to be part of the Hub. I am sure it will develop very quickly and no doubt, we will see some excellent progress form our pupils whilst they are there.

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