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Larwood School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Tiers Overview

Tier 1

Universal Provision

All Primary schools to have a named Behaviour Lead and Mental Health Champion.

The Behaviour and Mental Health Lead is an experienced member of staff – qualified teacher or HLTA, SENCO.

The Behaviour Lead will support their colleagues with observation, advice and strategies.  They will review progress and keep records.

All primary schools will have a clear behaviour policy, provide induction, have a clear communication system between home and school, train staff in de-escalation, provide in house support and CPD and offer pastoral work.

The Behaviour and Mental Health Lead will observe and record any support/interventions to inform future referrals.

Expected from schools

Behaviour management plans.

Individualised planning – reasonable adjustments made.

Evidence of strategies used and impact. Include strategies that did not work.

Engagement with parents, carers.

Engagement with external professionals.

Clear chronology, records kept.

Clear baseline assessment of needs – SDQ’s, Boxall etc.

Tier 2

All support in Tier 1 needs to be in place to receive support from Tier 2

A triage panel in place to decide whether Tier 2 or 3 is appropriate.

Aim to build capacity in schools and offer strategies.

Support tailored to the requirements of each receiving school

4 hub schools currently: Fairlands, Camps Hill, Peartree Spring and Woolenwick Juniors

Hub schools are not experts but have a broad range of experience in strategies to support positive behaviour in the classroom and playground and have supported within their own school.

Support is not for individual children or staff but supports a holistic approach in school across a year group, classroom or key stage.

Support may include:

  • Generic support for teachers, LSA’s, MSA’s
  • Resources to support positive behaviour.
  • Visits to the hub school.
  • Basic training for MSA’s, TA’s.
  • Peer observations.
  • Strategies for positive behaviour management, whole class input, transition times.
  • Resource pack.
  • Tier 2 Website support
  • All tier 2 referrals should be sent to:

Tier 3

The Specialist Larwood Outreach Pupil Focused Support we offer

Supporting the development of effective behaviour management strategies.

Guidance for creation, implementation and review of behaviour support plans.

Creating, and supporting staff to create, resources to support learning.

Strategies to assist with inclusion.

Advice on differentiation and curriculum development.

Facilitate discussion with parents and other professionals for additional support.

Discussion to generate, implement and review ideas and strategies.

(Please see the Referrals Process section for further information on how to apply for this service)

Tier 4

Coming soon…

  • Clear processes and systems approach with evidence of all other Tiers trialled. Behaviour board and Outreach teacher will recommend if Tier 4 is necessary.
  • Short term intervention (14 weeks), pupils will remain on roll at their mainstream school.
  • Aim will be to support the pupils to reintegrate to their mainstream school through a therapeutic approach.
  • Support will be evidenced and collated with regard an EHCP request.