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Larwood School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

Services on Offer


We currently offer 3 main types of support for mainstream schools

  • Pupil Focused Support: Support and advice directed at a specific pupil.
  • Phase support/support and advice for a class, cohort or phase.
  • In-reach: An opportunity for mainstream staff to spend time at Larwood.

Pupil focused support

  • Supporting the development of effective behaviour management strategies.
  • Guidance for creation, implementation and review of behaviour support plans.
  • Creating, and supporting staff to create, resources to support learning.
  • Strategies to assist with inclusion.
  • Advice on differentiation and curriculum development.
  • Facilitate discussion with parents and other professionals for additional support.
  • Discussion to generate, implement and review ideas and strategies.

PHASE Support

  • Support for 3 weeks rather than the current 5 week format for individuals enabling it to run after a panel and conclusions to be made ahead of the next one.
  • The support will look to identify behaviour patterns, triggers, incidents, rewards and consequences currently used, interventions in place as well as any potential timetable concerns.
  • If after one block of 3 weeks there are individuals that require more bespoke and tailored support they would move on to the individual tier 3 caseload if agreed by the behaviour board at the following panel.
  • Morning or afternoon session in the phase with time dedicated to discussion with the SENCO, phase/year group lead, class teachers and teaching assistants where appropriate.
  • Observations at varying points of the morning or afternoon session would take place and strategies would be fed back on a weekly basis with an expectation that these are trialled ahead of the visit the following week.
  • There will be the opportunity to discuss individual children and needs throughout the support but the phase approach would look to identify any underlying issues and offer potential solutions that may result in a reduced need for individual tier 3 referrals


Visits to Larwood school to:

  • Observe general practice or specific strategies.
  • Share ideas and resources.
  • Undertake Larwood in-reach training courses.