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Larwood School

Part of Larwood Academy Trust

School Council

Council minutes: Septmeber 2017 - July 2018

Election of new council representatives:

Charlie, AJ, Trae, Harry D, Lennon, Westley, Tyler and Carys

Deputy Representatives:

Thomas, Harrison, Henry, Harrison, Josephine, Hayden, Jake S and Charlie M 

 December 2017


1) Tesco funding application – Share the power point about the project with the class and ask;

  • How we can we improve the outdoor learning areas at Larwood?
  • How can we reduce litter around our School?
  • How can we encourage people to pick up litter?
  • How can we help the homeless?
  • How can we improve the lives of the elderly at Jubilee court?

2) How can we teach visitors more about our Student council?

3) After School Clubs

  • Are these a good thing and if so why?
  • What activities would you like to see offered after school?

4) Larwood Lowdown

  • Should children have voice in the newsletter? If so how? If not why not?

5) Any other business?

  • Trips? Activities? Learning opportunities? School equipment – play/learning equipment and resources?


1) Tesco funding application – Share the power point about the project with the class and ask;

Adopt a grand parent – Each child is twinned with a resident at Jubilee court and children can post cards/pictures etc to them. Action in progress

Link to Mr Scales Ranger idea that a class per week become litter pickers for the week. Children design signs to be located around the school to encourage litter picking and place litter in bins.

Friday Activity to take place at jubilee court.

Help the Homeless – Old clothes and food collections Action in progress

Tables for the outdoor classroom.

2) How can we teach visitors more about our Student council.

Posters about our student council in reception area. A student Council Notice board in reception. Coverage in the Lowdown, on the website and on school facebook.

3) After School Clubs

Good way of making new friends and trying new things.

Have Lego motion available. Science themed like working with electrical boards.

Film Club. Table tennis club. Karate Club. Enjoyable and good place to learn.

4) Larwood Lowdown

Pupil voice in the lowdown, rotation of classes to have a piece from a child in the lowdown. Publication of the minutes from council meetings. Members of the council offered to write a piece for the next Lowdown.

5) Any other business?

  • More play equipment in the playground.
  • Vegetarian/Dietary requirements like halal, need improving.
  • FRIDAY PM Activities – Airspace, Swimming opportunity, Climbing wall, Trampolining, Dragon boat racing, orienteering.
  • Trip days at the end of term – A zoo, learn about nature for example help out on a working farm – Standalone farm/church farm?
  • Fishing, Tour of a football ground. Go Karting.
  • Lunch changes – More of an option for vegetarians and those with dietary required like HALAL?
 Next council meeting: january 2018