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The latest Lowdown is available for download!

October 2017: Larwood Lowdown, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1 is available for download!

Term dates, children's work, jokes, Larwood advertising and much more!

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What a great start to the new academic year!

Welcome to the first edition of the Larwood Lowdown for 2017-18. This is now our fifth year of producing a half termly update for parents, pupils and governors about our progress and events as they take place. Thanks to Mr Newman for his continuing hard work in producing such a great piece of work.

We have made one adjustment to staffing during the first half term. Mr Howard left the school for retirement after 19 years of dedicated service. We did of course wish him well and give him an appropriate gift and goodbye. We have a new member of staff starting in November. I am sure Niamh Minster will have a very successful career with us.

Please do have a look at our website for a steady stream of updated events and news items. It will have a range of new information uploaded very soon, reflecting on our progress last year. This includes in relation to teaching and learning, behaviour and attendance, the curriculum, our residential unit, pupil and sports premium. As always, your feedback would be very helpful with this matter.

Part of our self-assessment process has enabled me to write a new school development plan. This continues to have three major themes that are:


Many of the reports written during the end of last academic year reflect how we believe we have made progress in each of these areas, but also where we think we can make improvements during the rest of this year, and over the course of the next three years.

Finally, and most importantly it has been fantastic to see our pupils return back to school and (for most) engage really well with their learning and behaviour so far this year. This includes our new pupils who have settled into school life really well.

   Mr s. D. Trimble