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  • This is Frank! :)

    Published 07/09/18

    What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

    “a goal-directed intervention in which an animal that meets specific criteria is an integral part of the treatment process. AAT is directed and/or delivered by a health/human service professional with specialised expertise and within the scope of practice of his/her profession. Outcomes are documented, measured and evaluated” — SOCIETY COMPANION ANIMAL STUDIES

    PAWS Animal Assisted Therapy was founded in July 2016 by Sarah Gordon. PAWS is based in Harlow, Essex.

    Sarah is a qualified teacher and has experience teaching children with complex behavioural and educational needs.

    Animal Assisted Therapy is becoming a popular form of therapy in the UK. It is of great importance that both practitioner and therapy animal are certified appropriately. Please find below a list of qualifications that Sarah currently holds.

    • Qualified Teacher BA (HONS)
    • Special Needs Teacher for 2+ Years teaching children with complex needs including; Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Global Development Delay, PDA, Attachment/Traumatised Child Disorder, Genetic Disorders (chromosomal deletions), Speech and Language Delay, Sensory Integration/Attachment Disorder.
    • Certified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner, BSY
    • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills, CPCAB
    • Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling Certificate, Humanim CIC
    • Certificate in Therapeutic Play, IATE
    • Animal Assisted Play Therapy, Level 1, IIAAPT
    • Animal Assisted Play Therapy:  Level 2 Relationships and Applications, IIAPT
    • Canine Communication in Animal Assisted Play Therapy, IIAPT
    • Essentials of Canine Behaviour & Training for AAPT: Building the Therapeutic Partnership, IIAPT
    • Level 2 Award in Speech and Language Support for 5-11s, AptEd
    • Certified Professional Practitioner of Animal Assisted Play Therapy™, IIAPT

    “We are very pleased to announce that Sarah has been awarded the credential, Certified Professional Practitioner of Animal Assisted Play Therapy™ (CPP-AAPT). Sarah’s Approved AAPT dog is Frank, a Newfoundland. It takes a substantial amount of training (online and live) as well as specialized supervision to become certified in AAPT, but it is a prized credential because of its depth and breadth, as well as its attention to animal welfare while providing a very valuable service to clients and students.” — INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL ASSISTED PLAY THERAPY™

    Therapy Animals

    Currently our one therapy animal is a Newfoundland dog named Frank.

    Being a Newfoundland, Frank is an exceptionally large dog with an extremely charming personality. Newfoundland’s are known for the gentle temperament and their patience with children. Some may recall "Nana" the Newfoundland in Peter Pan.

    Frank was selected very carefully from a quality breeder. 

    Like Sarah, Frank has also worked very hard for his qualifications:

    • APDT Puppy Pre-School
    • APDT Puppy Foundation
    • Kennel Club Puppy Foundation
    • Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Award
    • Kennel Club Silver Good Citizen Award
    • Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen Award [working towards]
    • Pet as Therapy assessed
    • Approved Animal Assisted Play Therapy Dog, IIAAPT™
    Sarah Gordon BA (Hons), QTS, CPP-AAPT
    Professional Practitioner in Animal Assisted Play Therapy™/
    Special Needs Teacher

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  • Polite reminder: Thursday, 30th August; Back to school for everyone!

    Published 28/08/18
    All staff and children are expected back to Larwood School for the 1st day of Autumn Term, Thursday 30th August 2018. School starts at the usual time of 9am. We hope you've all had a nice break and we look forward to a great year ahead. Ple
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  • Larwood Lowdown Volume 6 Issue: That's all Folks!

    Published 19/07/18

    Another year has flown by and we are very close to the start of the holidays. I am sure we are all hoping that the lovely weather continues!

    I would like to thank you all for supporting our recent sports day and our review meetings. Having read and commented on all the annual reports for pupils, it is really pleasing to see and reflect upon how much progress many of your sons/daughters have made. I will always be just as keen to notice and celebrate the ‘softer skills’ that cannot be measured via a test, such as holding a door open for others or by offering a caring gesture to a friend in need. We are lucky to see so many magic moments during the year and although there are always challenges that we face, we will always remember those magic moments.

    For September, we do welcome some new staff, as part of planned expansion and associated activities (please see below). Therefore, we have already inducted Mrs Patey, Mrs Friedrich and Miss Steer to join our team of Learning and Support Staff. We also welcome Mr Rooke and Miss Wood to the teaching staff and they will join us at the start of the new term.
    We say a fond farewell to Miss Minster who will be starting a teaching role, closer to home. We also wish Mrs Crocker good luck in her new role at anther school from September.

    Year 6
    As always there will be a few tears when we say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils on Friday. They have undertaken transition activities with staff and have visited their new schools. I have really enjoyed seeing so many of them develop during the last few years and I really do wish them well in their new schools.

    2018 - 2019
    There will be some critical changes to our school as we go into next year. These include:

    • The conclusion and final decision in relation to the residential review consultation and potential expansion of day school numbers
    • The start of provision that will see our school supporting Stevenage primary schools and their pupils/staff with aspect of behaviour management and meeting the needs of some pupils.

    Finally, my thanks are extended to all the staff and governors who have made this year such a positive one at Larwood School. The staff do an amazing job with huge dedication and our governors continue to challenge and support us to try and create the very best learning environment for your children.

    All the best for summer!

    S D Trimble - Headteacher


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  • Term Dates Sept 2018 - July 2019

    Published 19/07/18

    Term dates will go live on the website calendar in September , as we are still generating dates for the new academic year.

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    Published 19/07/18

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION - MUST READ! Consultation in relation to potential residential closure and expansion of day places at Larwood School - CLICK HERE

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    Published 28/02/18

    On January 19th 2018, Larwood introduced you to The Digital 5 A Day! A guide to help parents encourage their children to have a good digital diet which includes a balance of being connected, active and creative, giving to others and being mindful.

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    Published 27/02/18

    This year we are really excited to be raising money for Sport Relief 2018!  As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise money and change lives.

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    Published 27/02/18

    This year World Book Day is being celebrated on Thursday 1st March. 

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    Published 27/02/18

    The latest Lowdown is available for download!

    February 2018: Larwood Lowdown, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 3 is available for download!

    Term dates, children's work, jokes, Larwood advertising and much more!

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    Published 27/02/18

    The latest Lowdown is available for download!

    December 2017: Larwood Lowdown, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 2 is available for download!

    Term dates, children's work, jokes, Larwood advertising and much more!

    Click the PDF logo below

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    Published 26/02/18


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  • Residential - Ofsted Outstanding 2018

    Published 05/02/18

    The residential Ofsted Inspection took place, January 9th - 11th.  As a school, we are very proud that, for the third year in a row, we have achieved an outstanding rating in all areas. This continues to demonstrate that our own internal self evaluation matches those of inspectors who visit, and through continuous pursuit of best practice, combined with a dedicated staff team, we have maintained our outstanding quality of care. 

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