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    Published 15/12/20

    What goes “Oh, Oh, Oh”?
    Santa walking backwards!

    Apologies, but I just couldn’t help myself! After such an unusual year, seeing Santa walking backwards wouldn’t even cause the raising of an eyebrow for most people! However, as we approach the holiday season, I think it’s crucial that at this time of year we start to look forward, reflect on the last twelve months and enjoy time with those that are close to us.

    At the time of writing the morning news has all been about the very first injection to prevent infection from COVID-19. A hopeful day for us all! I am limiting any COVID-19 references, and the focus here is not about COVID-19, but about our amazing staff. When anyone faces a huge challenge and rapid change it can cause many reactions and emotions. Fear, anxiety, the self-doubt that comes from ‘what if…,’ determination, team spirit and selflessness that come from ‘how can I help’ have been considered by many of our staff during the last year. I have never met such a determined group of people, who when faced with an onslaught of frightening and sometimes misleading messages, both from the media and government, were determined to do one thing. That being, to support your sons/daughters as best they can. Initial lock down experiences really rammed home the fact that not everybody can or wants to be a teacher or Learning Support Assistant. Our staff remained dedicated, full of determination and drive to continue learning and supporting our pupils as best they could. I thank each and every one of them for the way they have conducted themselves during this time.

    As we move towards 2021, and just like any other year, your children continue to amaze us all. They have experienced such a challenging year. I will never be able to get over the fact that they have had to get used to increased hand washing, social distancing and staff wearing masks. This, of course is on top of the all of the other issues that many face in ‘normal’ times. Yet they have coped superbly and they continue to surprise us, challenge us, make us laugh and smile and remind us about how bright the future is. Their adaptation, alongside the staff has been nothing but miraculous and I am proud of each and every one of them.

    Finally, we all know that Christmas will be a bit different this year. However, our staff have again risen to the challenge to ensure that all of our pupils (and their siblings where relevant) will be opening up presents on the big day, as they should be. My thanks are extended to Mrs Osobu for her idea of a Toy Drive and the support from many staff to make that happen. Mrs Ford managed to use some of her network to secure donations and many staff also made contributions. This is amazing and it just highlights what an amazing place this is!

    Special thanks go to:
    Kenny Arnold (People for People)
    Sara Lawrence (AD Bly construction)
    Rachel (Tesco Community Champion)                                                                                                          Michelle (Food/ Toy Shed) Executive Headteacher
    Laura Burrage (Butterfly Room)

    On behalf of all at Larwood Academy Trust, have a wonderful Christmas break!
    Please note all pupils should return to school, at the usual time on: Monday 4th January 2021

    S D Trimble
    Executive Headteacher 

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    Published 03/11/20

    The main focus for us all is getting pupils back to routines, learning and dare I say it, having a bit of fun! The start of the term seemed to conspire against us. Not only did we have the continued complications of the pandemic to deal with, but also major building works have started on our approach road and surrounding land. Our pupils (your sons/daughters) have dealt with all of this superbly. As already communicated with you, it is so good to have them all back and our new pupils have all started to show signs of settling in well. It is always tricky being new, and some may take longer than others to understand the way that we work. However, I am confident that  will get there soon.

    All our classes are producing artwork which will be displayed in the dining hall. Mr Reid has designed the frames to include material that will help dampen the noise in that area. Of course, noise in that area is not an issue right now as all classes have lunch in their classrooms!

    As you know the continuing issues around Covid 19, mean that there is a high chance classes will be effected by the virus, testing and self-isolation procedures. Therefore, in line with all other schools across England, we have developed a range of procedures that will be helpful for such situations. We are using Microsoft Teams as our platform for remote learning situations and would ask that you download the free app on your devices/your child’s device just in case of the need to use it. It can be accessed here:


    This will enable us to communicate and teach when the situations lead to some form of self-isolation scenario. This maybe:

    • If a member of staff has a family member that may be going through the process of being tested for Covid 19, but is symptom free/well and able to teach
    • If a pupil/family member is needing to get tested but is well enough to learn from home
    • If there is a positive test result from a staff member or pupil in a class bubble, but some pupils are well enough to engage with learning.

    Please note that none of the above applies when someone is unwell and has the symptoms of Coronavirus. If a pupil is unwell then all efforts should be on getting better and following appropriate medical advice.

    Despite all the complications, we have had a great start to the year. That has only been possible
    with your support and help. Thank you and I hope you have a restful half term break.

    Please note all pupils should return to school, at the usual time on Monday 2nd November.                                   

    Sean Trimble
    Executive Headteacher


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  • NEWSLETTER - From Mr Trimble

    Published 25/09/20

    Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)

    This is my first formal letter of the new academic year (excluding the one sent just before the start of the year) and I had hoped, I would be writing about a variety of topics. However, I am sure you can guess what will dominate the body of the letter! My apologies but this just cannot be avoided.

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  • OVERWATCH 12+ Game - What parents & carers need to know about ...

    Published 25/09/20

    Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, the same company behind the likes of World of Warcraft and StarCraft. The online-only game, which is available to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, sees players face off in six-versus-six matches that emphasize both teamwork and individual skill. Players have a wide choice of characters to play as, each of which comes under one of four main classes or roles - Offence, Defence, Tank and Support - with each class having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. In the UK and Europe, PEGI rates Overwatch as PEGI 12, suitable for ages 12 and up, for non-realistic-looking violence towards human characters.

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    Published 22/05/20

    I hope this edition of the Larwood Lowdown (almost a lockdown version!) finds you all healthy. This half term has been the strangest in my teaching career. However, I fully appreciate that its not just the education sector that has been affected. This situation has challenged all of us in many ways. Thank you for your support during this time and I hope that we can continue to support you and your child in whatever ways are appropriate during the rest of the term.

    I hope that you have noted, via the weekly letters that we continue to monitor the situation with Covid 19 and act in the best interests of pupils, parents and staff. It is very difficult to know what is ‘the answer’ to such a complex and new issue. However, as you will appreciate if we take it slow and get it wrong, there are less risks. If we change things quickly and get it wrong it could be very serious in terms of those affected and the impact it has on their health. It is also essential that you feel comfortable with a range of factors when sending your child back to Larwood. This would include the measures we have in place, alongside transport arrangements.

    As always I am so proud of how your sons and daughters have adapted to the situation. I know that some are finding this just as difficult as the adults are. Yet, many are trying their best with online learning and for the few that we see at the moment, they are behaving in exactly the way we need, to keep all parties safe.

    I hope the weather is kind during the half term break and look forward to seeing more pupils, when we all agree it is safe to do so next half term.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    S D Trimble

    Executive Headteacher
    Larwood Academy Trust

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  • Stay up to date with Larwood NEWS via the e4education app

    Published 20/03/20

    Got an iPhone or Android phone!? Download the e4education App to keep up to date with the latest news and calendar dates from Larwood School!

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  • Learning Resources During School Closure

    Published 20/03/20

    Please keep an eye on the school website for a list of learning resources that you can use at home. This list will continue to grow throughout the weeks ahead, so please continue to check back on this feed and the front page of the shcool website. Dont forget to download the e4education App! this will keep you updated as an when the website has an update or any further news!

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  • COVID-19 School INFO

    Published 20/03/20

    COVID-19 School Information - MUST READ! CLICK HERE!

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  • Parent/Carer courses being delivered through 'Families in Focus'

    Published 10/03/20

    Please see the attached flyers for Parent/ Carer courses being delivered through Families in Focus.

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    Published 24/02/20

    What a great start to the New Year we have had with your sons and daughters. Many of them are really trying hard to improve their work, and I am so pleased to see how many of them are listening to their teachers and teaching assistants. I hope that you are aware that every Friday, as a school, we celebrate the various great work that has taken place for the week that has passed. Last week was a typical week of comments during that assembly, and they included:

    • Determined progress with work connected to writing
    • Numerous acts of kindness between pupils
    • Acts of kindness to staff by pupils
    • Sporting success with our weekly nominations for ‘Sportsperson of The Week’ award
    • Our pupils working within our community by reading and talking with adults at Jubilee Court
    • Pupils taking part in and demonstrating Life Skills

    Did you know that staff at Larwood are setting up and running a Holiday Club?

    It starts this half term holiday and will be run by Mr V, our resident PE Coach. It will have a sports and arts theme and no doubt will be great fun. Please contact Mr V directly if you are interested.

    Please note that as of Feb 1st, Brandles School formally joined Larwood Academy Trust. You may be aware that Brandles is a secondary school for Social, Emotional and Mental Health related issues. Many of our pupils move there for their secondary education. We have been working with the DFE to enable this to happen for a long period of time. As part of our future collaborative work, we are including:

    • Joint staff training opportunities.
    • Weekly meetings between Mr Pearce (Headteacher at Brandles) and myself, discussing a wide range of topics that include curriculum, assessment, staffing, transitional arrangements etc.
    • Greater joined up working in various areas such as ICT (Mr Newman), site, environment and health and safety (Mr Reid) and how we all approach common issues related to mental health (Mrs Ford). Mrs Smith and Mrs Fitz patrick are also providing support and guidance in relation to financial matters
    • Potential joint funding of various services that we both use which should lead to savings that can be redirected towards pupils needs

    Thank you for your continued support!

    S D Trimble
    Executive Headteacher

    Larwood Academy Trust


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  • TIK TOK - Larwood children are NOT old enough to use this platform!

    Published 30/01/20

    TikTok is a video-sharing social media app available on iOS and Android which lets users create, share, and view user created videos much in a similar manner to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s main draw, however, is that users can record and upload bite-sized looping videos of themselves lip-syncing and dancing to popular music or soundbites, often for comedic effect, which can then be further enhanced with filters, emojis and stickers. TikTok has been designed with the young user in mind and has a very addictive appeal. At the beginning of 2019 it skyrocketed in popularity to become the iOS store’s most downloaded app with over 33 million downloads. Estimates suggest that it now has anything between 500 million and over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

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  • 'WhatsApp' Issue

    Published 21/01/20

    Dear all,

    It has come to my attention that some of our children are part of a 'WhatsApp' group with other pupils in school. Whilst I am a huge fan of using technology to aid and assist learning/life in general, I am very dubious about the benefits of such groups and I am worried about its potential negative effects, alongside the law in relation to this matter.

    I appreciate that my advice in this matter can be thought of as interference. However, it is not constructed in that way, and based on previous cases that I have seen the consequences of such a social media group can lead to:

    • Huge friendship issues and fall outs between children
    • Unwanted sharing of information leading to challenging, different and unnecessary behaviours/issues
    • Lack of sleep due to many hours devoted to keeping up with messages etc. This then has negative effects on relationships, progress at school and overall health and well-being.

    Therefore, my advice about this issue and use of mobile phones and this 'WhatsApp' group is as follows:

    1. If your child is using a mobile phone on a day-to-day basis, remove it at bedtime and return it when it is a suitable time for use. They are used to this as we remove all electrical items on the door when they enter and they are returned when they go home.
    2. If your child is part of a 'WhatsApp' group then please comply with the law, and remove the app from their phone. Since May 2018, you must be 16 years old to use the app. Therefore using it whilst younger is breaking the law.
    3. If you do allow your child to use a mobile phone, please consider the fact than as soon as they linked to a Wi-Fi network they can access anything and everything on the internet. Just as my advice would to monitor laptops, and games consoles, it is equally essential to monitor a mobile phone in the same way.

    If we can be of assistance supporting you with this matter, please do contact us. Please also contact

    me directly if you would like to discuss this matter in greater detail or one of my colleagues.


    Yours sincerely

    S D Trimble

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