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Larwood School

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Blog #3

Writing this ‘blog’ at 7:15am on a cold and dark Friday morning, I think most people would expect the task to be challenging, with regards to trying to find a warm and bright theme! However, we had parents evening last night and it was a great pleasure to see many of you here. It is always nice to see you at such events and your support is critical to our work with your children. Last night we focussed on the ‘core’ subjects of English, Maths and Science. Books were examined and I believe many of you were quite shocked at how much quality work your son/daughter had produced! This was particularly evident in English and the work completed related to various topics including The Big Idea. Long may it continue and my thanks to staff who work so tirelessly every day to help this happen. It seems parents evening may have been good timing for many of our pupils and those ‘brownie points’ that help with that letter to Father Christmas!