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Larwood School

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Welcome BACK!

Dear Parents/ Carers,

A great big welcome back to all our old pupils, and a warm welcome to our new starters joining our Larwood family. It is wonderful to witness the smiley faces returning from their summer holiday, ready to start a new year with us.

Parents and carers, please note that it is essential that we foster open communication between school and home, so please get in touch should you have any questions or want to get more information from class teams, family support, admin, or management.  

We start this year with exciting new initiatives to enhance our offer. Our middle leaders for this year are: 

Mrs Osborne (Literacy) 

Miss Kimpton (Maths)  

Mr Jacobs (Community and skills curriculum and 

Mr Rooke (Creative curriculum and communication)  

They all have fantastic, fun, and fresh ideas to make the learning experience great for our pupils!

Throughout the term/year; you will get regular updates on new initiatives, and the impact it's had. Our main curriculum focus points for the year are to improve writing across the school, and to continue to develop our Essentials curriculum. Mrs Osobu and Mrs Williams have launched 'Talk for Writing' that is exciting and engaging and will benefit your child/ren.  

Over the summer holiday we had a new fire alarm system installed, upgraded the toilets, and fitted new fire doors; all areas are also being decorated. I hosted assemblies when we returned, making pupils aware of the changes that occurred over the holiday period, and the reasons why we had it done. I reminded all pupils of the fact that these doors are very expensive to replace, as are the decorating costs, therefore please remind your child/ren that damage to property is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  

I also want to thank all the companies involved, who worked long hours to ensure the safety of our school and completing the works on time.  

I wish all our pupils, families, and staff a fantastic 2022/23 year filled with opportunities and great memories  

Mr Van